What Is A Free 30-Day Trial?

Well it can mean different things depending upon which gym you chose.

At Fight Sports Naples it is pretty simple. You have 30 days to try any of our intro Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts classes for free for 30 days. All that is required is to sign a standard waiver. We are confident that after you experience the benefits of our program for 30 days there is no where else you will want to train.

Please be aware that some local schools will advertise that they offer a 30 day free trial, but once you get there they will pressure you to sign a contract immediately to avoid an expensive “enrollment fee”. Another tactic is to get you to sign a 12 month agreement and tell you you will receive your free 30 days at the END of the contract. Then before the agreement is up they will pressure you to upgrade and sign a 36 month agreement and you never get the 30 days that you were promised originally.

Also please read any agreement you sign carefully! We do have membership agreements at Fight Sports Naples but they can be canceled at any time with 60 days notice. Some schools will require you to pay 1/3 of the remaining balance of your contract to cancel. If you are in a 36 month agreement that could end up being a lot of money. Many students end up being stuck in a bad training environment only because they failed to do their due diligence ahead of time. If a school will not allow you to try their program risk free for 30 days then there must be a reason for that!

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