Fight Sports Naples will teach you all aspects of mixed martial arts including elements of boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, kickboxing, judo and kung fu. In the short period of time that we’ve been open we’re already known as the school where mixed martial arts champions are made”!

The Value of Proper Goal Setting in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Maintaining regular training within the field of Brazilian jiu jitsu requires proper goal setting. Without setting a realistic target, in both the short and long term, the task of becoming a black belt and rising to the top of the system can seem insurmountable. Proper goal setting necessitates taking a long, hard look at the reasons behind signing up for one of these classes in the first place, though.

What are your MMA and BJJ Goals?

Most people have a final goal when they register for a martial arts class. Brazilian jiu jitsu is no exception. Begin setting your goals by thinking about what you want to accomplish in the end. It doesn’t matter how challenging the obstacle is, this is the time to define what your dream is. If it’s becoming a black belt, fair enough, if it’s just to become physically fit, that’s also fair enough.

Once you’ve defined your goals, plot your course to accomplishing it.If there’s any confusion talk to your dojo’s master about what you need to do to reach your ambitions.

Realistic Mixed Martial Arts Targets

Assuming the goal is to become a black belt, this can take ten years or more to accomplish. From the beginning, it seems almost impossible and it’s hard to keep a high level of motivation. You need to reward yourself. Only through success can you gain more success. Creating immediate objectives on your way to the goal can keep you happy and confident in your progress; it’s also a great way to pinpoint where you need to improve.

In this situation, you would use an immediate objective of achieving the next colored belt. Simple yet remarkably effective.


In the short time that Fight Sports Naples has been open we’ve become one of the premiere amateur mixed martial arts organizations in the state of Florida.

Our new facility is a laboratory and center of physical training where you’ll find the highest quality black belt instruction, a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, and the most experienced teammates in southwest Florida to assist you in achieving all of your fitness and mixed martial arts goals.

It’s on! Get ready to win in life! Come join our family!